David Dolan, CPA

David believes in synergistic relationships - between people and all life.   He lives this belief in practical terms by offering his strengths and experience in accounting and systems and administrative infrastructure to those in need so that they have the time and energy to offer their own strengths and experience to those in need.


David Dolan is a certified public accountant specializing in administrative, operational and financial support and counsel.   His services include accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance, payroll and corporate governance.  

Prior to working with Athena Advocacy, he worked with several small start-up companies, has served as Treasurer and Director of Financial, Planning & Analysis of a publicly held software company, and worked as a manager at Ernst & Young, LLP.


David acts as a substitute elementary school teacher whenever the opportunity arises and otherwise finds time for running and horseback riding.


David volunteers his services to local organizations and sits on the board of an area food co-operative.

Athena Advocacy offers comprehensive services with individual attention.

We offer professional fiduciary, guardianship and care advocacy services. Clients receive comprehensive care and attention to meet their and their family’s specific needs. Athena Advocacy was born out of the need to provide high-quality services that are affordable and offered by a neutral trustworthy third-party.